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Your I.T. Guy Services Melbourne

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Computer Repairs

Computers can be temperamental. They can slowly start to develop intermittent problems (freezing, blue screens etc) or can be working perfectly one day and dead the next. Computer Repairs Melbourne

Your I.T. Guy's qualified technicians are experts at narrowing down faults and resolving them FAST.

We carry an extensive range of spare parts and specialised software to allow us to tackle a wide range of common (and sometimes not so common) issues on the spot.

Common issues handled everyday include:

  • The computer not turning on.
  • Windows not loading.
  • Email & internet problems.
  • Intermittent freezing, rebooting or blue screens (blue screen of death, B.S.O.D.)
  • No Video.
  • and more...

The I.T. industry is huge and encompasses many different fields. Don't be lured by fancy qualifications in unrelated areas. Our Comptia A+ certified technicians are experts in resolving hardware and software faults, it's what we do everyday. If your computer isn't working as it should and you just want it fixed fast without paying through the teeth Your I.T. Guy is your answer.

Virus and Spyware Removal

Virus Removal Melbourne

Unfortunately the convenience of having the world wide web at our fingertips also comes with its downfalls, namely viruses and spyware. Having a good firewall and anti-virus program is a must but even the best security software isn't full proof and malware such as viruses, worms, trojans, spyware & adware can infect virtually any computer that is connected to the internet.

Signs that you have been infected with malware can range from an increase in pop-ups to a severe corruption of Windows. We encounter these issues on a daily basis and have extensive experience in removing the malicious code and restoring your computer to how it was before it was infected with the virus or spyware.

New Computer Set Up

Your I.T. Guy can assist you in setting up a new computer at your home or business.

Our services include:

New Computer Set Up Melbourne
  • Initial Set Up: Connecting in all the leads & configuring your Windows user account
  • Connecting the new computer to a new or existing wired or wireless network
  • Install any new or existing peripherals such as printers, scanners, webcams, smartphones & tablets
  • Transferring your old files & emails
  • Installing software such as Microsoft Office, Skype, MYOB etc
  • Securing the computer by installing anti-virus and back up software (free and/or paid subscriptions to suit your needs)
  • Initial training on how to operate new operating systems and other software

Online Back Up

Online BackUp Services

Backing up is important, but remembering to back up can be tedious.

Your I.T. Guy offers online (cloud) back up services to safely secure all your important documents, family photos, music & videos automatically as you transfer them onto your PC or Mac. You can even download an app to access your files on your tablet or smartphone!

From only $150 a year, you can back up all your computers at your home or office safely and securely to encrypted servers protecting you against any catastrophic hard disk drive failures, theft, water or fire damage*.

As with all data backup systems your files must be checked regularly to ensure that the required data is securely uploaded. Your I.T. Guy Pty Ltd will have no responsibility for any harm to your computer system, loss or corruption of data.

Internet Connection Set Up and Troubleshooting

Internet Connection and Troubleshooting Melbourne

Have you just signed up for an internet package with a self install kit that isn't that easy to 'self install' ?

Or maybe your internet was working fine yesterday but you can't seem to log on today or perhaps your having problems accessing your emails?

We troubleshoot issues like this everyday, it may be a problem with your computer or firewall, or it might be that your internet service provider (ISP) is having problems. We can quickly determine where the fault is and fix it swiftly. In the event that it is a problem with your ISP we can liaison with their tech support over the phone to fix the issue.

PC Optimisation

PC Optimisation Melbourne

Is your PC running at a snails pace? Performing at a fraction of the speed it did when you first purchased it?

Don't throw it out the window! More often that not, poor performance is due to unwanted software booting with Windows and running in the background. If you occasionally use the troublesome software we can simply prevent it from loading until you choose to call it up or if you have no need for it anymore we can completely uninstall it from your system speeding up your computer and giving you back precious hard disk space.

If that doesn't do the trick we can back up all your system files & drivers and perform a clean install reverting your computer back exactly how it was when you first purchased it.


Home and Small Business Networking Melbourne

Would you like to share an internet connection or files between multiple computers?

We can configure your existing equipment to broadcast and receive wireless signals or supply you with an exact quote of how much it would cost to supply and install a wireless modem or router.

Your I.T. Guy will also enable and configure wireless encryption giving you peace of mind that no one is hacking into your network stealing your internet bandwidth, files or emails.

As well as sharing your internet connection and files we can also set up printer sharing allowing all the computers on the network to print off the one printer.

Upgrades and Sales

Your I.T. Guy technicians routinely carry a variety of RAM so we can almost always upgrade the memory of your computer on the spot. Upgrades and Sales Melbourne It is important to note that when adding RAM to your system it must be the same speed as the pre-existing memory in your PC. Mix-matching RAM speeds can have devastating effects on your computer, in some cases totally crashing the system.

Our technicians will ensure that the right RAM is added to your computer increasing its speed without any complications.

We can also add hard disk drives (giving you more room to store your files, pictures and videos), install a DVD or Blue-Ray burner, add a wireless card to allow your PC to access the internet wirelessly (note: wireless modem or router required), replace your old monitor with a fancy new LCD, install a new video card to allow you to play the latest games... you name it, we can provide.

And because we only use quality parts all hardware/upgrades sold through Your I.T. Guy come with a 1 year on site parts & labour warranty giving you peace of mind that in the rare occasion that something does go wrong you are 100% covered.

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What do our customers have to say?

  • "We are extremely satisfied with your efficient & friendly service over the years. Your expertise and problem solving with all our hardware and software issues, has and is greatly appreciated and would highly recommend your services."

    - Pina Rizzo Brookes Party Tours, Burwood East
  • "Damian was very professional and easily accessible. Solved all our issues promptly and efficiently for a very reasonable cost. Highly recommended."

    - Anne & Pat Duffy, Cheltenham
  • "We have used the services of "Your I.T. Guy" for our computers at home and also in our business and have always been happy with the quality of the technical "know how" and the speed in getting our system back up and running, each and every time.

    We can recommend them !!"

    Geoff Tattam - Dame Salon, Brighton
  • "It is so great to have prompt , efficient and intelligent service whenever issues arise with technology. A cause of great angst in the past, Your IT Guy has been an invaluable problem solver for my small business.

    Thankyou Damian"

    - Angela Spizzirri Sia, South Melbourne
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